FU (nineinchnoodles) wrote in jks_curse,


People of the Oak Grove, I summon thy help!

I was wondering if any of you knows whatever happend to my artbooks, they used to be in the library under the custody of Payne the librarian, and I never got them back, there were two of them, one of them seemed made of pieces of different books swon together and had the face of a doll sown on it. (I'm not that conerned about that one) But the other one was a big green medical book in which I wrote "The Book of Sick and Filth" and inside had photos of dead people, accidents, freaks, tumors, diseases, just a shitload of really bad taste and repugnant photographs, I really miss that book and I wish I had it back, if possible, so if any of you have any info, You'll be rewarded, I swear!
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