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Oak Grove, as it has been heading for the past couple years, is becoming more corporate. Sure, I understand they need more people to apply, more students, more donations, but at what cost to those of us already going there? We now have PINK SLIPS, we now need a SPONSOR to be in the computer lab, we now turn in slogans instead of heartfelt reflections about our experience here. Be sure to make it flattering to the school, the teacher says... Now what used to be parent only events have turned into KFA infested exhibitions of sensored performances and art, marketing campains. We can't even show the truth of what goes on here, only flowery versions of our already mild statements. Ooh, a video of dirty train in india! Did somebody say latrine? Can't have that, can we??!! I worked today and all last week on a video of our train ride experience. It was factual, it was real, and so it was canned, not to be shown on india night. Instead we have landscapes and roses and cute indian kids with blank faces. That's what the hierarchy wants to see, and that's what they'll see. A toned down calendar show of what was an amazing, real, experience.
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