FU (nineinchnoodles) wrote in jks_curse,

three years ago

Today, three years ago:
A really close friend of mine passed away in a horrible way, she ODd to fucken drugs and it was the end of a beautiful and talented person, and I still miss her. From that day on I quit drugs and have been clean ever since, did any one of you met her?
So today I post this poem I wrote to her today three years ago.

Sweet Tamima
Your skin so fair
Your hair so dark
Sweet Tamima
Your laugh I won’t hear again
Your scent I won’t smell anymore.
Sweet Tamima
Laying still, eyes wide open
The prophet has taken you away
Away from here
Away from me
Sweet Tamima
Your scent has changed
The scent of flowers
Flowers from holy land
Flowers from a distant land
Sweet Tamima
Will we see each other again?
Probably not
So leave now, suffer no more
Take with you two memories
For I will keep two for myself
Your smile
Your tears

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